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Sell Your Home for Maximum Value While Avoiding Hassles

When you sell your home, investment real estate, or probate or trust property, you want top dollar without dealing with any of the hassles or headaches associated with the sale. As a homeowner, I understand the need to get the most for my properties as it ensures my family’s financial future, just as maximizing your home value is vital for your family’s legacy.

As an award-winning real estate professional, I go beyond the standards required by my industry to give you the best possible outcome, because selling a home is more than just putting up a for sale sign or running an advertisement. Combining years of real estate experience with marketing know-how uncovers innovative and lucrative ways to position and sell your property. My clients know they can trust me with their home sale because I stand by my word and protect their interests, just like I’ll protect yours.

You may opt in for the “Sell Your Home in 50 Days or Less Program,” which guarantees that if I do not sell your home in 50 days or less, I will not charge a seller’s commission. My “Sell Your Home in 50 Days or Less Program” applies to conventional sales only and does not include estate sales (trust and probate). Ask me more to see if you qualify.

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Getting the Most for Your House with Less Effort

My goal is to get you maximum value for your home with the least amount of work on your end. Whether you have the time to wait for the best offer or need to sell your home quickly, I’ll work with you to find solutions to make the sales experience as pleasant and profitable as possible.

Unique Solutions by Promoting the Lifestyle Your Home and Neighborhood Offers

Selling a new home requires more than a coat of paint and some repairs. Buyers factor in the neighborhood, specialty markets, schools, parks, and more. As your representative, I offer you the option of selling your home “as is” or making a couple of changes, depending on what is more comfortable for you. I research the area and tie these benefits and amenities to the sale of the property, making your house more valuable in the eyes of a buyer. Find out how I can help make your home shine.

Timing Your Home Sale with Your New Purchase

Selling your home can be a relief, but what happens if your new residence isn’t quite ready yet? I work with you to time this transition. To ensure that you have a sane move, I negotiate a rent-back clause, so you’re in your home until your new place is ready. Whew, that’s a relief!

I am happy to assist you in leasing or buying a new home anywhere within the United States if needed. I vet and work with other top agents across the country helping to coordinate your sale or purchase no matter where it is.

Negotiating Winning Strategies that Can Mean Thousands More for Your Family

Adding value to your home's sale enhances my ability to negotiate the price and other details. By forming a relationship with buyers and their realtors, I learn more about their needs and wants, resulting many times in multiple offers, which often leads to an increase in the final sales price. All these little details matter.

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Find out how your home sale whether it is conventional or through an estate can be a positive and profitable experience.



I’ve had the good fortune of helping clients reach their goals through the sale of real estate. Here are what some past clients have said about me.

Great Price
"Dave did a fantastic job negotiating a great price above asking."
Laurent and Lori
Very Happy With Getting Top Dollar For Home Sale
Cameron & Lindsay
Helping Rayman & Karen With My Best Cash Offer
Rayman & Karen

Sellers Case Studies

It’s often easier to show someone what you can do than tell them about it. Below are some case histories of clients who have sold their homes with me and how I used unique real estate and marketing solutions to resolve seemingly insurmountable problems.

Expanding Family Needs Good Strategy to Max Out Value From Townhome Sale
The Problem
The clients had a child on the way. The grandparents were willing to help out but couldn’t climb the stairs in their current three-level home.
The Solution

Several offers came in and my strategy of guiding each new buyer to a higher price paid off. We received a cash offer thousands over asking priced which gave my clients a month’s free rent back.  The family avoided a double move and freed up the cash from the sale to make an offer on their new home.

The Result

Several offers came in and my strategy of guiding each new buyer to a higher price paid off. We received a cash offer thousand over asking price which gave my clients a month’s free rent back. The family avoided a double move and freed up the cash from the sale to make an offer on their new home.

Trying To Unsuccessfully Sell My Home
The Problem
After trying unsuccessfully to sell the home as a "for sale by owner," the homeowner reached out to me. The house needed remodeling and a better sales marketing plan. The owner also wanted to make sure they wouldn't have to move as soon as escrow closed. They needed a few extra weeks.
The Solution

I came up with a workable marketing plan, and the homeowner, a French artisan contractor, did most of the remodeling himself. I then pre-negotiated with potential buyers. That means I gave them hints on where the offers were at that moment. The offers came in higher and higher. We took the most qualified highest bid and finalized a negotiation with them.

The Result

The client received thousands over the asking price and remained in the home for an extra month past the close of escrow.

Thousand Oaks Couple Needed Specialized Sale Plan Around Elderly Dog
The Problem
A couple needed to sell their ranch home with minimal interruptions because of their elderly dog, who didn’t react well around strangers. They had already purchased a new out-of-state home that was ready for them to move into
The Solution

We came up with a plan where I marketed the home for appointments only, since the sellers were not to be interrupted.  I had set appointments up during a one-hour period.

The Result

With multiple offers, the seller got a great price, and their dog was well cared for at the park during the showing hour. Special accommodations are part of a low stress transaction.

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