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Cash Offers that Make a Difference in Your Life

Do you need to sell your home now and want a cash offer to avoid having lookie loos going through your home?  Has your employer transferred you or your spouse? Is all your cash locked up in your home? Are you looking to downsize & reduce expenses? If your privacy is important to protect, I can assist with a cash offer. As a local Investor and licensed agent, I purchase homes throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County as well as find an alternate home for you to lease or purchase.  I realize how difficult it can be to move and It may feel as if you are backed into a corner, but you do have options:

  1. If your privacy is of extreme importance to you or you need to make a move fairly quickly, I can purchase your home as an investor for cash without a commission cost to you.
  2. Acting as your agent, I will get high-paying investors to bid against one another. Bidding wars between investors can increase the final price.
  3. If you do not have much deferred maintenance in your home, but don’t necessarily want to be disturbed by other realtors or buyers, I suggest a tightly-controlled listing on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) with house showings by appointment only. Why use this option? Well, it will likely get you the highest price without having to open your home at a moment’s notice. By respecting your privacy and setting up back-to-back showings, we avoid any last-minute inconveniences.

Low-Stress Solutions that Get You What You Want

I bet you never heard of a “mellow” real estate deal, especially when selling for cash. That’s because I use my superpowers. Unlike many professional agents and investors who conduct cash purchases without properly consulting with the seller or the buyer, I take the time to understand your concerns and goals. I also find out what the buyer wants or needs to make the purchase acceptable to them. We do it on your schedule and can even work in a rent-back month so that you don’t have to scramble if your new home move is being delayed. I am also happy to assist you in finding a home to lease or buy anywhere in the U.S.

Maximize Price with a Quick Sale

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments, but don’t want to lose your equity in a bank foreclosure, I can help you with one of our cash options by stopping the foreclosure and giving you a little breathing room.

Call or contact me today

No matter your situation, contact today and find out which cash option will work best for you. Contact me today!



Clients come to me believing it is in their best interest to receive a cash offer for their home, but that’s not always the case. I evaluate the property, assess its value, and then talk to the client about their best options. I eliminate the “too good to be true cash schemes.” Here are what some past clients have said about me!

Dave helped us with our Cash Offer
“Dave was a big help in giving us what we wanted for a cash offer, so we could move to a one-level home."
Trina and Pam
Dave helped me stay in my home
“Dave allowed me to stay in my home until my Las Vegas home was ready to move in from his cash offer.”
Dave helped us during the Pandemic
"Dave during the pandemic gave us a very good cash offer so we could cut our expenses in a small home. There were many times he treated us like a family member."
Ray and Karen

Cash Offer Case Studies

Below are some Case Studies of clients who have either received cash offers for the property or originally came to me with that idea in mind. Here’s how I helped them find the most profitable solution to fit their needs, time allotment, and privacy concerns.

Trina and Pam Had Health Problems with Their Home
The Problem
Two sisters owned a two-story home in Sherman Oaks and found that as the years went by, it became more difficult for them to climb the stairs. They were not able to care for the home due to their health conditions and did not want any embarrassing inspections or buyers coming through their house. They needed a new home and fast.
The Solution

To make their situation less stressful, I told them I would purchase the home for cash and they did not need them to remove any of the trash or unwanted items.  I purchased the home as is and with no commission charge.  

The Results
My purchase of the home was a great relief to the sisters, who needed the cash to purchase a one-story home in another state. It also eliminated the strain and financial burden of having to hire a clean-up crew to empty and clean their home. Today, the siblings are living stress-free in their one-story home.
Avoiding Bank Foreclosure and Saving Equity
The Problem
One couple did not want to lose their $200,000 of equity in their Sylmar home. With health problems mounting, they were not able to work in their later years. It was difficult to make the mortgage payments.
The Solution

This married couple reached out to me and two other cash buyers. One offer was from a national company that treated them as just another deal by not listening to what they were trying to accomplish. They needed to find a less expensive home to purchase and a buyer that was flexible on the closing date.

The Results
After listening to their needs, I suggested a plan. I would help them find a home to buy and I would notify the bank that we were in escrow so they would stop the foreclosure. The client told me I was the only investor who offered to help them find a home and was flexible on the and moving date.
Karen Moving to Midwest Got No-Hassle Cash Price
The Problem
My client had specific needs in the sale of her Granada Hills Home: she did not want to deal with any repairs or nosey lookie-loo buyers. She also did not want to be pressured to move the day of closing.
The Solution

To get her the best deal, I purchased her home as is, knowing that I would take care of repairs during the renovation.  With me as the buyer, she avoided showing the home to many strangers who may or may not qualify to purchase with their lenders.  To make the move less hectic, we worked out two weeks past close of escrow for her home transition giving her the time to pack up her belongings and move them to her new home.

The Results
She is now living in a home in the Midwest that she paid cash for. Unlocking the equity out of her Granada Hills home cut down on her expenses and made retirement much more appealing

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