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Buy a Home You Will Love without Overpaying

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned pro, you want the same thing: a beautiful home that you will love without overpaying for it. I have bought and sold homes for hundreds of individuals and families over the years and have found that you have to be happy with both the aesthetics of the property and the price, or the deal won’t happen. By offering you a package of services and options, I get you the most house for your money.

Finding Your New Home

For starters, I provide a superior real estate search customized to your wants and needs. I use both the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) and off-market listings, also known as pocket listings. Or if your timeline is short it might want to do a cash offer.  This can include properties that are part of a trust or probate. Using more than one option to search for listings allows you to choose from a broader range of homes, giving you options.

Negotiations are Key for a Successful Home Purchase

Once you find the home of your dreams, I help negotiate with the other agent to rise above the multiple offers and avoid overpaying for the house. I’ve seen it happen too many times that people let emotions cloud their judgment and overspend on a home. To avoid this scenario, I find out beforehand from the seller’s agent what price is needed to seal the deal and other items necessary to the purchase, such as a rent back clause for the seller for a few weeks or a month. Having this prior knowledge does two things: It takes the guesswork out of the purchase, giving us better positioning when we make an offer, and it pretty much guarantees our offer will be accepted outright, limiting chances of multiple counteroffers from other buyers.

A Smooth Loan Process

I also work with you to avoid any problems that may arise in the loan approval process. I have relationships with proven leaders in the mortgage field, eliminating the number one reason many escrows fail--lender problems! This is why having a quality lender is essential. Equally important is that the lender has a strong relationship with the underwriter and they have worked together on prior loans. Using an unknown person is risky because they may prepare the loan incorrectly. Halfway through escrow, you could be denied after receiving initial pre-approval as the approvals are contingent on follow-up paperwork.

Call or contact me today

Let me help you get the home you want for a price you’ll love. Contact me today at, and let’s get the process moving.



I love working with clients who are downsizing, purchasing a larger home for a growing family, or are interested in buying estate properties from trusts or probates. Read on to see some testimonials from clients to who I have sold homes.

Very Happy With Dave Coordinating Our Home Purchase
Cameron & Lindsay

Buyers Case Studies

I have helped hundreds of families find their next or “forever home.” Here’s how I did it.

Porter Ranch View
The Problem

This Porter Ranch View home would be hard to get for my client because the yard had three tiers, including a sports court and pool. The owner had remodeled the kitchen and all the bathrooms with the latest quartz countertops, significantly increasing its appeal and value in the kitchen and all the bathrooms.

The Solution

I was able to find out what was important to the seller besides the money. My client made the offer with no contingencies, $200,000 over the asking price.

The Result

Dave was able to get the owner to choose his clients out of 15 offers through his well-honed negotiation skills. His clients were thrilled.

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