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Estates Solutions of Living Trusts and Probate Home Sales

If you are:

  • mourning the death of family member or friend.
  • the trustee for an estate who has to answer to beneficiaries.
  • trying to sell property that is going through probate.

You may need help. As a licensed realtor who specializes in estate sales, I know the legal requirements for properties in trusts and probate and will work with your attorney on the paperwork, so you won’t have to.

Understanding Family Needs and Respecting Family Space

I’ve been hired by hundreds of families and individuals who have either been a trustee for an estate or are selling their loved one’s property. Their stories differ, but the same chaos is going on in their lives.

They need someone who can:

  • get the job done.
  • champion their wants and needs.
  • take care of everything, including safeguarding and storing valuables in the home.

By allowing me to take care of the details, you can deal with the other issues surrounding your loss.

Maximizing Estate Property with the Least Amount of Stress

Buyers are excited to pay more for your home when they have an emotional attachment to it. I help them see themselves living there, barbecuing in the backyard, celebrating the holidays, or hosting a party. Going through the loss of a friend or loved one is hard enough without having to deal with the finer details. I take care of it all for you.

Negotiating Winning Strategies for the Sale of the Home

I pre-negotiate with buyers by letting them know how hot the property is and encouraging them to put their best price forward.  I also find out: what are their deal breakers? Do they want the pool table in the den? Is it a must have? Are they willing to give my seller low cost or free rent at the home for a few weeks after the sale? Recently, I was able to negotiate two months free rent for my seller—an $8,000 value!

Offering Full Service from Property Maintenance to Sales takes care of your property needs from maintenance through the sale. Need repairs? I’ll refer you to reasonably priced vendors (locksmiths, painters, handymen and personal property consignment). Need to relocate a tenant or relative from the property? I do that at no cost to you. By the time the sales process comes to an end, you have sold your home and have a place to move into. It’s that easy.

Coordinating Specialized Estate Paperwork as Required by Estate Attorney

Each trust and probate have their own legal requirements. If the probate executor has limited authority, I step in to coordinate with the probate attorney and judge for court approval. If the probate executor has full authority (usually a family member), the sale can go through without court approval.

Here’s an example:

My client, Brandon, was left a property in Los Angeles; he lives in another state. As the trustee of the estate, he was concerned about helping a tenant relocate as well as how to maintain the home through the selling process. I coordinated with Brandon, his estate attorney and his tenant, giving Brandon options while respecting the family’s privacy. As a result, Brandon felt more confident and comfortable with the entire sales process.

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When you’re mourning the loss of a family member but still need to go through the paperwork either as an estate trustee or due to probate, you need a helping hand. I have helped others just like you navigate the process. Here are some testimonials from clients.

Dave Came Through for My Clients
" Dave comes through for my clients in getting them a very good price for either trust or probate properties."

Estate Solutions Case Studies

Sometimes you don’t know what you need help with until you read someone else’s story. Below are some examples of how I’ve helped past clients negotiate the sales process and the paperwork involved.

Hoarder Home Sold
The Problem

The Trustee wanted this hoarder home sold for cash quickly. It was owned by a teacher who, after becoming ill, could no longer take care of the house. Thousands of pounds of trash needed to be hauled away, and the home required a total remodel.

The Solution

I gave the Trustee a few options. The easiest one was to sell it to me for cash as I am also a real estate investor. Another option was to represent the estate and get a few investors to come by and make an offer. The Trustee felt most comfortable selling it to me. I purchased it “as is” and took care of hauling the trash away and the home's remodeling.

The Result

Dave came through with a good price for the estate and no work at all for the Trustee.

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